United States, Laws, Founding, Research, Questions and of corse Freemasonry

Many Times The Idea Of The Free World (USA) is hated, however we are good people like the rest, sure we understand everyone is different. Not one short fits everyone. Plus we are proud of our Country, as everyone should be.


The USA has spent 230+ years making the best land for people from all walks of Life. No Race has every been a thing for the USA, that started before our Country and You could almost say we stopped it.


There are many things that need corrected about what is thought of the US,I will get to it in time.

As far as who should be the next President of the United States, I don't know what to say.


The Craft is the oldest and greatest order in the World. Many groups have copied the Craft ... that is never to be confused with Masonry. We have no connections with anything outside of York Rite, Scottish Rite and Shriners.


Masonry mainly focuses on Hope, Faith and Charity. Helping the Youth, caring for Others, protecting Freedom and of course Brotherly Love.


There are many miss understandings about Masonry. Mainly Because We have secrets. However, everything We do is in the "Holy Bible".

In order to further Greatness We encourage young Men who want to join Freemasonry. Ladies don't feel left out, that can be learned later.


To learn history about the Craft, read of King Solomon, Knights Templar ... throughout time the Craft has contributed to Greater Good. Most of the founding Fathers of America, were Freemasons